Mont 24: Synergites take to Australia’s biggest mountain bike race
April 5, 2017



















Several Synergites took to Kowen Forest on the weekend for the Mont 24 hr Race, the most popular mountain bike race of its kind in Australia.

Four teams spent 24 hours carving their way through the 16km loop course, located about 20km to the east of Canberra.

The race kicked off at 12:00pm on Saturday and consisted of numerous sections including Big Wednesday, Home Run, Enchanted Forest, Quadrophenia, Love Child, Bliss Out, Magic Mushroom and Kowalski’s Beer Garden.

Partner Pat Quade, who competed in the race, said the course was designed to get the best out of beginners and seasoned pros.

“This is a really good opportunity for people who are coming into the sport, or people who’ve been riding a long time who just want to get together with friends and spend the weekend racing bikes. It was great to see our team and their families not only enjoying the riding, but having plenty of fun around the camp even at 3am in the morning.”

Synergy staff and family members who rode on the weekend included Lucy and Michael Fitzpatrick, Ben Hutchinson, Nigel Fredericks, Kylie Biilmann, Nick Janssen, Kristy Tank, Neil Armstrong, Robert King, Shaun Muldoon, Val Simonetti, Mark Stoya, Cameron Lynch, Robert Kennedy, Hennie van Niekerk, Jonathan Coe, Andrew Lander, Neil Armstrong and Scott Seccombe.

With four teams entered, Synergy achieved some fantastic results including:

  • Team ‘Synergetic’, led by Pat Quade, placing 2nd in their category (male 6 packs) and 3rd overall with a total of 28 laps over the 24 hours and average lap time of 52:19.
  • Team ‘Synergy 1’ placing 13th in their category (male 6 packs) and 47th overall with 23 laps, with an average lap time of 52:38.
  • Team ‘Synergy 2’ placing 27th in their category (mixed 6 packs) and 213th overall with 17 laps, with an average lap time of 1:17:31.
  • Team ‘Synergy out-of-control’ placing 42nd in their category (mixed 6 packs) and 268th overall with 13 laps, with an average lap time of 1:38:06.

The Synergy tent was set up in the middle of race HQ amongst the action and many friends and family attended to support all of the riders.

Finance and Administration Officer Kristy Tank said the ride was a great social event in addition to being a healthy workplace initiative.

“Everyone brings their kids along and it’s great. It was cold overnight, but gas heaters and hot showers ensured the riders were comfortable throughout the race.

“Thanks to Synergy and the Mont 24 crew for another fantastic weekend full of mountain biking trails, not much sleep, great company, music, delicious food, and thankfully no accidents!”