Synergy responds to Plutus Payroll incident
May 9, 2017

The last week has seen the ICT contracting community significantly impacted by the suspension of business activity by Plutus Payroll.

On being advised that our contracted team had not received their pay, the partners of Synergy quickly stepped in and made additional payments to cover any loss whilst we await further news from Plutus.

“We want to support our contractors during this distressing time,” said Partner Patrick Quade. “They are as much a part of the Synergy team as anyone and we will always do the ‘right’ thing by our team regardless of the ‘legal’ obligations. Some organisations seem to have forgotten that contractors have mortgages and other financial commitments to meet. We made a commitment to our contracted team and Synergy intends to honour it.”

In addition, the Synergy Contracting & Recruitment team (Martin Harris and Melita Justic) spent most of last week assisting contractors and providing them with whatever support, guidance and advice we could.

At Synergy, we believe in our corporate value statement ‘It’s personal’ and this applies equally to all members of our team – permanent employees and contracted team members.