The autonomy to create your own career
June 12, 2017


Phil Toole, Executive Director


At Synergy, we value autonomy.

We allow our people to tailor services, teams and firm capabilities in a way that is going to be best for our client requirements.

The contrast is – where it feels like you need permission at a multinational firm – at Synergy it’s very much in your own hands.

We have an intimate culture which encourages the sharing of information and ideas to make sure people are understanding, aware and engaged. The firm supports employees to seek industry opportunities and development courses. In this collaborative environment, it’s very easy to develop your skill set.

The flat structure of Synergy is also very appealing. You can speak directly to the owners of the business who are great with their time and feedback. They will give you their best advice, but largely they will encourage you to go for it, and in that way, we can be responsive to our client needs and implement new ideas and ways of working. In creating this autonomous culture, people can own their own careers, do what they love and deliver their own success.

I think one of the core principles of Synergy is, people can be as successful as they are talented, and are rewarded for their achievements. It’s not about time limits. It’s not about positioning. It’s about making sure that if you are successful in the market, then the rewards will flow.

There are two bonus structures at Synergy. One is around productivity, and that’s ensuring that the people at our firm who love to get out on jobs and work with our clients are rewarded based on producing good quality work for our clients.

The other scheme, which really differentiates Synergy from the multinational firms, is the business development bonus scheme which rewards individuals who bring further business to the firm. It’s quite generous, the rewards are directly linked to the value of the business. Several people in the firm have already received bonuses that are up to 50% of their base salaries in the past year.

These bonuses are achievable and when couple with one of our core values of abundance, people working together well to shape the service offering and then share the development and delivery of the business. I think it’s absolutely fantastic to see people helping each other to get the best outcome for our client.

We all adopt the mentality of, ‘there’s plenty of work for everyone, and if we play together, we are likely to get a better result at the end of the day’. It’s this collaboration that I enjoy the most.

The people make a business, and coming to work every day, seeing people you enjoy spending time with, watching them and helping them to grow and develop, is absolutely at the core of why I enjoy working here.